Seattle to San Francisco 2012 Bicycle Tour Coastal Challenge
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S2SF Rules and Regulations of the Road

1.01 Introduction
S2SF is a supported not-for-profit bicycle ride organized by The Ndoto Project, starting from a location near Bremerton, WA and ending at San Francisco, CA. Support includes use of an Escort Vehicle for emergencies and cargo, and nightly accomadations along the way. As with any large undertaking, there are rules and policies that must be understood and followed.

The Ndoto Project reserves the right to modify the policy and disclaimer at any time. A final rider waiver will be required before beginning the S2SF tour.

1.02 Entry/Sponsorship Requirements and Cancellation
Riders participating in S2SF must be 18 years of age or older.

An entry donation of $650 is required to reserve a slot as a Rider for the 2012 year. There are seven total slots availiable to Riders. The Ndoto Project may, at their descrection waive the donation fee for a participant if they can offer a non-monetary donation reducing trip overhead by an amount equal to or greater than $650. The entry deadline for S2SF 2012 is May 15th, 2012. The Entry Donation is unrefundable.

In addition to the Entry Donation, each Rider must raise a minimum of $2000 in sponsored donations for The Ndoto Project. This is called their Sponsorship Goal. Riders will be asked to confirm their participation in the ride on May 15th 2012 by having raised the sum of at least $350 toward their Sponsorship Goal, and by committing to reach their goal or cover the difference themselves.

The Rider may choose to fundraise after the event for an additional two months (Oct 11th, 2012) in order to meet their Sponsorship Goal. In this case, The Ndoto Project will refund any personal contributions they had previously made to qualify for the Sponsorship Goal if the $2000 goal can be met within two months after the ride has been completed. All donations not falling into this category are unrefundable.

Personal fundraising rosters will ultimately be the responsibility of the Rider. Contributions can easily be made toward a Rider’s Sponsorship Goal on This information will be made available to Riders for their records via email.

1.03 Rights and Privileges
Participants who have met all donation requirements are considered “Riders”. The Ndoto Project is not held responsible for, and will not guarantee accommodations or any service for individuals outside of the S2SF Rider or Staff group.

Riders will have access to the services of the Escort Vehicle for emergency rides, limited repair services, and transportation of limited personal gear. Early returns are the responsibility of the Rider, both in terms of food and transportation. Bicycles and personal cargo can be returned as the Escort Vehicle returns to Seattle, WA, and no sooner, or taken with the Rider. The Ndoto Project and S2SF are not responsible for lost or damaged gear or personal items, for personal damages of any kind, for any personal expenses or personal care, or for anyone going outside the parameters of the S2SF tour.

On start day, Riders will also receive an official S2SF jersey and goodie bags filled by our sponsors, which are theirs to keep.

1.04 Use of the Escort Vehicle

Escort Vehicle is primarily intended to carry limited cargo for each Rider and S2SF Staff member from one overnight destination to the next. Suggested cargo per person is one suitcase or large duffel bag, one personal item of briefcase size or smaller, one cooler of food, and basic camping gear: tent, sleeping bag and pad, toiletries, compact camp chair, meal kit (plate, bowl, cup, utensils. Storage space will be limited.

Riders and S2SF Staff are provided a seat in the Escort Vehicle when needed, including rides to a bicycle shop for repairs, rides to the next overnight destination, or assistance due to medical needs such as injury.

The Escort Vehicle will attempt to make itself available roughly every 20 miles at pre-determined stops marked on Rider and Staff maps.

The Escort Vehicle has no responsibilities for helping Riders perform personal errands. Therefore, although the vast magority of riding time during S2SF will be unladen, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that Riders have some capability to carry cargo on their bicycles in the form of panniers, or be comfortable with carrying a large backpack.

In the event of an Escort Vehicle mechanical failure, the capability to travel loaded may allow the group to advance while the EV undergoes repairs.

1.05 Equipment and Maintenance
Proper equipment including a legal, functioning and safe bicycle, spare parts, and proper attire including a helmet, rain gear, insulation, sunglasses, and anything else required for the safety and enjoyment of the ride are the sole responsibility of each Rider. Costs of bicycle repair are the responsibility of the Riders.

Although the Escort Vehicle may carry overnight equipment, Riders must take what they will need for each day on their own bicycle such that they will be safe, healthy, and comfortable. Advice or other forms of assistance may be requested from staff and/or other Riders according to one’s own personal experience and where appropriate.

Some light maintenance may be available from S2SF staff or supporting volunteers during the ride. This may include but not be limited to chain cleaning and lubrication, flat repair, cable maintenance, derailleur/shifter/ brake adjustment, fastener tightening, and safety checks. This maintenance is provided as a courtesy. It should not replace the services of a qualified bicycle shop and is performed at the Rider’s own risk.

1.06 Fitness
S2SF involves many long days of strenuous riding by bicycle, including days of significant hill climbing. The Rider understands that a considerable fitness level is required to safely complete S2SF, which will require advance conditioning,
training, and attention to medical wellness and nutrition. Please seek out advice on fitness and nutrition needs, and prepare appropriately. Staff and Riders may provide their own experience for advice, but are not medical professionals
or nutritionists and are not responsible for any results from advice provided throughout the tour. The Ndoto Project and S2SF are not responsible for personal damages of any kind, including those which may result from not being well-prepared.

1.07 Overnight Accommodations
Overnight Accomadations are provided on the S2SF.
S2SF Staff will acquire group accommodations at high quality campsites with hot showers. We DO NOT plan to stop at facilities such as hostels, B&Bs, or hotels.

Although ride leaders will strive to keep the group together as much as possible, it is not possible to prevent Riders from seeking lodging elsewhere should they wish. However, it is not the Escort Vehicle’s duty to provide transportation to or from an overnight location other than the group camp. No refund shall be provided for S2SF accomadations not used. Riders will be asked to return to the group campsite by 7am before a riding day. Route planning or special instructions/ information will be issued and discussed at these times, and so it is important
that the group convene in a matter that is organized and timely. Delays to appear at the appointed time may result in delays to the group or to the Escort Vehicle.

1.08 Disruption and Harassment
S2SF has the right to dismiss from the tour any rider for disruptive behavior, harassment, or any other actions which have the effect of compromising the enjoyment and safety of the tour for all other S2SF participants. This includes harrassing other Riders emotionally or physically, and engaging in drug or alcohol abuse.

In all such cases, a Rider will be asked to return home or separate from the group. If possible, transportation to the nearest transit station will be provided for returning to Seattle. Bicycle and personal gear may be kept on the Escort
Vehicle until the S2SF Tour returns to Seattle. A dismissed Rider may choose to continue to San Francisco on his or her own as a loaded tourist, but will lose all rights and services of the Escort Vehicle as well as rights to overnight accomadations.

1.09 Food and Drink
The Ndoto Project makes no commitment to any food or drink support during S2SF. If food or drink is provided by S2SF staff or supporting volunteers at any time during the ride, it is up to each Rider to be aware of any dietary limitations or food allergies they may have and ensure that their nutritional intake
adheres to those restrictions. The Ndoto Project and supporting volunteers are not responsible for any harm or caused by any food or drink provided by the organization in the spirit of support for this tour.

Meals may be organized in collaboration with other Riders, or sought on one’s own. S2SF does not guarantee access to a restaurant or any specific cuisine to fulfill individual dietary

1.10 General Disclaimer
The Rider recognizes that long distance riding is an endeavor which, though richly rewarding, is inherently hazardous, both to equipment/belongings and to one’s own person. The Ndoto Project, Visions Made Viable and supporting volunteers are not responsible for any damage to persons or property that may
occur during S2SF.

On start day, all participants will be required to sign disclaimers legally releasing The Ndoto Project, Visions Made Viable and S2SF from liability in the areas concerned. All services are provided as a courtesy throughout this event, and
the Ndoto Project reserves the right to remove or change the services offered at
any time for any reason.

In short, and leaving the cold, hard language of Legalese behind:

We’re trying to change the world bit by bit by doing our best to put together an amazing experience for a good group of people along the Pacific coast. DO be prepared, enjoy yourself, and BE THE CHANGE….but please DO NOT sue us!