Seattle to San Francisco 2012 Bicycle Tour Coastal Challenge
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These are items or services we are looking for in order to reduce our event overhead, or simply make the tour more safe and fun for our riders.

Human Consumables:
Energy Bars
Recovery Powder
General En-route Groceries or Groceries that will transport well.

Bike Consumables (unused items can be returned):

Chain Lube
Bicycle Specific Degreasers and Cleansers
Bicycle Tools
Spare Tubes of various sizes
Spare Helmets
Maps for Riders
Bicycle Reflectors or Lights

Misc Tour Needs:

Propane camp stoves
Safety Equipment – emergency blankets, compasses, whistles
2-Way Radios (for low cell signal areas)


Jerseys silk-screened with logos (12+)
Stuff Sacks silk-screened with logos (12+)
Panniers or other bike bags silk-screened with logos (12+)
Printing of collateral
Financing signs for side of Escort Vehicle

Catering and Hospitality Services:

Pre-Party catering, donation, or facilities (Breakfast for September 3rd in Seattle)
Post-Party catering, donation, or facilities (Dinner for September 17th near San Francisco)
En-route Lodging