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James Andraza


Nairobi, Kenya


“My parents got married in 1977 and were blessed with five sons and two daughters. Unfortunately my dad died in unclear circumstances in 2001.This was then a challenge to my Mum who was jobless but I thank her because she has struggled since my dad left us so could get educated up to high school. I thank God also for giving her all this strength. I am the last born of my parents and I can admit that my Mum was brave enough to make sure that we all went through High School although she was not employed. Currently she is working with USAID and APHIA 2 Western in mobilizing community about poverty and HIV/AIDS awareness. Out of my all brothers and sisters no one is employed on a permanent job so no one is currently employed. But I do thank Hannah for being in my life as I believe much is going to happen in my life.”

Personal Vision Statement:

“My big challenge and dream is to get better education so I have a bigger future and life. I want to extent my privilege and this opportunity to future scholars and my community at large so I can fight poverty,illiteracy,and HIV/AIDS. I want to be role model.

Poverty, corruption ,tribalism and HIV/AIDS is the main challenge and big menace that is making Kenya lag behind, and Africa at whole. This is the main big challenge that I should conquer. I believe that I can change this country if given the opportunity.”