Seattle to San Francisco 2012 Bicycle Tour Coastal Challenge
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Irine Asimuge


Kisumu, Kenya


“We are a family of 7 children. My mother passed away in 2006 and we are under my dads care who is a peasant farmer.”

Personal Vision Statement:

“I would like to achieve a masters in civil aviation management. This has been my childhood dream, which was further triggered by the fact that most of the offices in the Civil Aviation Authority are held by outsiders, not Kenyans since they lack the expertise. This is a great challenge to us the youth.

In a community point of view, I would wish to concentrate on the youth because they are the future leaders. I would love to help others to achieve their dreams too. And our country is faced with tribalism, drug abuse and nepotism. I would like the country to be free from tribalism and people living in peace, a drug free nation and people given jobs according to merit.”