Seattle to San Francisco 2012 Bicycle Tour Coastal Challenge
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Houston Okwemba


Kisumu, Kenya


“We are a family of seven children with four boys and three girls. My mother loves everyone in my family and is a woman of great heart. My father has always been my encouragement when I am feeling down on myself, telling me never to lose hope. I love my parents.”

Personal Vision Statement:

“My personal vision statement is to be a role model. I will provide basic needs. I believe in relationships. I would like to invest in the community and country building by encouraging others to join in the vision for a better change.”

Special Accomplishments:

Houston was on the ground working to get the Ebulonga Orphanage new international sponsorship, clothes, food, and a new building to continue helping orphaned Kenyan children. Houston developed outreach, social media to promote the orphanage, and worked directly with the children to provide them a better life. We at The Ndoto Project are very proud of his dedication!