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Esther Marrie Inzekellah


Nairobi, Kenya

Family Story:

“I come from a family of nine children, but three of them died. Among my remaining brothers and sisters, I am the only one who managed to go beyond the primary and secondary schools education to attend college studies, thanks to the Ndoto Project! My other brothers and sisters live on their own just struggling with life through they make it with much difficulty.

My dad and mom stay in the village and practice subsistence farming, growing crops on a small scale on small piece of land for home consumption due to lack of enough land for money generating agricultural activities.”

Personal Vision in The Ndoto Project college program:

“My personal vision is to have a degree in journalism, get some work, help my family improve their lives, help start development projects in the village to help improve the lives of many, and to put some resources into starting projects that counsel the youth, the orphans, widows, and generally improve the state and lives of all.”

“Being a journalist would give me the opportunity to interact with different people from different backgrounds, getting to know their lives, cultures, aspirations as well as their plights. I would also have a better chance of initiating an hosting talk shows that get to the inside of the problems that people face and the various issues that we as Africans and also the world face – corruption in our governments, the HIV pandemic, poverty, hunger, etc. And to try and invent ways of how the issues can be solved from the ground level, that is beginning from communities.”